Top 10 Experimentation culture books

Top 10 experimentation culture books

Written by Ruben de Boer

November 16, 2022

“What are your top recommended Experimentation culture books?”

I am happy to receive this question often lately (even though it is a pretty broad topic).

Over the years, I have read many books and articles. I happily use them in my work, courses, and LinkedIn blog posts. There are many useful books available. These ten books on experimentation and change management have contributed the most to me while writing this.


Experimentation culture books


Experimentation Works by Stephen Thomke
This book gives an excellent general overview of experimentation. It is easy and entertaining to read, making it the ideal book to read for you and give as a X-mas present to your CEO. 😉


Growing Happy Clients by Daphne Tideman
I highly recommend this book for consultants and freelancers who want to make an impact. But many chapters are also very beneficial for in-house CRO specialists.

Besides it being a very well-structured book, Daphne is a fantastic person. When you get the chance to see her on stage or hear her on a podcast, do check it out.


Switch by the Heath brothers
My favorite book on change management for over 12 years now. It is beneficial for both organizational change and personal growth.


Atomic Habits by James Clear
My favorite book on habit building. This book is often cited, and habit creation is essential for you to understand if you want to change the habits of your colleagues.


Change the culture, Change the game by Roger Connors
A great book on how to change the culture within organizations.


Continuous discovery habits by Teresa Torres
This book gives insights into outcome-driven product development. I often see it cited in product development courses.


Break the Cycle by Arend Ardon
Very straightforward book to understand your influence on the change process. It is not well-known, but I highly recommend it. It is a short book and easy to read.


The Advice Trap by Michael Bungay
A very important book to learn to ask questions instead of advising to find better solutions. Sometimes we must give advice when someone asks how to do a pre-test analysis, for instance. However, I see many specialists provide too much advice where they should ask questions.


The Science of Organizational Change by Paul Gibbons
This book is hard to read, but it has some valuable content on organizational change. It takes a lot from science and does not shy away from showing the lack of evidence in some other famous models.


The Corporate Tribe by Danielle Braun
Not well-known, but this book shows a great perspective on company culture based on anthropology. The book is fun to read as it is filled with stories and nice comparisons.


Am I missing a great book?

I would love to hear your suggestions. Am I missing an Experimentation culture book or several books? I’ll be very happy to hear about it.

But for now, have a lot of fun reading 🙂

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