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Topics I love to talk about

Experimentation culture

Companies who foster a culture of experimentation grow a lot faster compared to companies who don’t.

In my talks, I can show what a culture of experimentation looks like, and how to get there. I will use models, talk about organizational change, as well as engaging and practical examples.

change cycle

Change Management

It is essential to understand that your job is not just to run A/B tests. A large proportion of your work should be dedicated to change management.

Using theories, practical examples, failures, and success stories, I will show how to apply change management, get people involved, convince the board and get to a culture of experimentation.

The Conversion Optimization proces

A successful CRO team starts with a solid, standardized process.

In my talks, I can cover the CRO process, how to optimize it, and the key steps. Also, advanced topics, the CRO team, and embedding the CRO process in other processes can be covered.

Conversion rate optimization process

Soft skills & personal growth

There’s a famous saying in business: What got you here won’t get you there. You will not get the organization to the next stage of experimentation maturity using the same methods that brought it here.

I will show how to successfully grow and improve your skills using the knowledge and mindset we already have.

What attendees say

Ruben’s presentation is well put together. Good storyline, good in length.

Super nice story, I love how he can explain things with stories, that works very well. And nice visuals, looks super professional 🙂

I really enjoyed Ruben’s talk. Got some great insights and learned a lot.

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