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Build your authentic and unique personal brand and online presence in the CRO field with this free email course.

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Stand Out in a Crowded Field

With a compelling personal brand, become the go-to CRO expert for recruiters, clients, and peers.

Unleash Your Potential in Multiple Avenues

Dive into strategies that help you shine, whether you’re seeking a job, aiming to present on stage, or finding clients.

Here’s what you will get

5 Weeks of Focused Assignments

Dive deep into crucial areas like finding your unique story, social media strategy, and networking with weekly tasks.

Weekly Motivational Boosts

Stay inspired and on track with uplifting messages, ensuring you make the most of each assignment.

Bonus Week of Personal Development

Go beyond branding with a unique week dedicated to leveling up your CRO skills and future-proofing your career.

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