Data & behavior study

A Data & behavior study is ideal for massively improving your website or digital product.
In this study, I will conduct a full data and behavioral analysis using a wide range of research sources to determine the most impactful optimization strategies.


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What you will get


In-depth insights

In-depth insights into your website performance and drivers of your customer’s behavior.


The most impactful optimization strategies and a long list of test ideas.


Recommendations based on data, user, market, and scientific research and my 14+ years of experience.

What is a Data & behavior study?

Data & behavior study

From identifying bottlenecks to uncovering growth opportunities and understanding the drivers of your visitor’s behavior, this study provides the most impactful optimization directions and test ideas for the best results.

Most of the behavior people display on your website happens subconsciously. Finding the actual reasons for their behavior is crucial to uncover why people drop off and where you should improve. Combining a wide variety of research sources ensures you get a complete picture of what is happening and why visitors behave the way they do.

I will identify areas that hinder your growth potential, allowing you to make data-driven changes to improve performance. By analyzing your users’ behavior and motivations, I can identify new opportunities for growth and optimization that you may have overlooked.

The study will result in clear, actionable optimization directions and a long list of test ideas to help you achieve your goals and drive meaningful results.

The data & behavior study will also structure your Optimization process, helping you find many more A/B test winners and learn a lot more from every experiment.

With the optimization study, you will have access to a wealth of optimization strategies and test ideas that help you continually optimize and improve over time.

Why a Data & behavior study by Conversion Ideas?

When you understand what drives your visitors, you can really start optimizing in a customer-oriented and systematic way. The data & behavior study will result in a massive improvement for your website or digital product.

With over 14 years of experience in the industry, I helped countless businesses optimize their websites and digital products for maximum growth. Over the years, I have conducted many data & behavior study studies, spoken about it on stage, and coached and taught other specialists how to do it.

I also wrote a book about psychology and website optimization and created a course on Udemy that now has thousands of students and has been selected for the Udemy business-to-business program.

Contact me today to learn how I can help you take your website and CRO program to the next level.

How the Data & behavior study works

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