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Immediately when signing up: The Online Psychology for A/B testing ebook

Psychology for AB testing book cover

The book will help you

✅ Apply psychology to your CRO program in a structured manner.
✅ Build a behavioral model of your website visitors with psychology.
✅ Verify your behavioral model through A/B testing.
✅ Apply the proper tactics at every step in the customer journey.


The book contains

✅ 175 engaging summaries of scientific articles.
✅ 176 pages.
✅ 11 chapters.

After 5 weeks: The CRO Job Interview Prep Guide

Psychology for AB testing book cover

The guide will help you

✅ Prepare to tackle your interviews with confidence.
✅ Handle interview questions without direct experience.
✅ Give the correct answer to all common questions.
✅ Prepare a CRO case.
✅ Stand out from the crowd.


The guide contains

✅ 80 pages.
✅ 35 most common questions and answers.
✅ Many other tips.

After 10 weeks: 15 Must-have Airtable automations guide

15 must-have Airtable automations guide

The guide will help you

✅ Streamline your CRO process.
✅ Make your work smoother and more efficient, helping you save time.
✅ Automatically update people.
✅ Automatically update records.


The guide contains

✅ 7 Airtable automations to update people.
✅ 8 Airtable automations to update records.
✅ 1 bonus tip.
✅ Step-by-step instructions and screenshots so you can create each automation with ease.

After 15 weeks: CRO for Low-Traffic Websites Guide

CRO for low-traffic websites

The guide will help you

✅ Validate ideas and hypotheses without relying on A/B tests.
✅ An explanation of what a low-traffic website is.
✅ Validation methods and example cases.
✅ Pros and cons for each method and when to use it.


The guide contains

✅ 14 Alternative methods to test your hypotheses.
✅ 6 Example cases.
✅ 1 bonus tip.
✅ Straightforward, step-by-step instructions.

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