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Do you need help increasing your conversion rates? Take your experimentation program to the next level? Or boost your digital growth?

With over 14 years of experience, I can help you experiment, optimize, and grow. Check the services below, and let’s get started.

CRO audit

CRO audit

A CRO audit provides a comprehensive analysis of your website and its visitors to identify bottlenecks and opportunities. Using data, user, and scientific research, I will review your website’s most crucial pages and funnels for user experience and persuasiveness.

The CRO audit is temporarily available for €1250.- (50% discount)

Consultancy & expert support

consultancy & expert support
I will provide consultancy and support/lead the teams to improve every aspect. For this, I work closely with you and your team to understand your unique challenges and goals.

Additionally, I will provide a step-by-step roadmap to improve the experimentation maturity of the team or entire organization. This ensures a more structured process in the team(s) and more data-driven and customer-centric decision-making in the entire organization.

Full-service CRO program

Full-service CRO program

The full-service CRO program will take care of your entire CRO/experimentation program. We handle everything from research to testing, using our extensive experience to develop the best test ideas and prioritize them based on evidence in a structured process. We set up an Airtable base to keep all insights and the whole process organized and accessible at all times so you always know what’s happening.

Data & behavior study

Data & behavior study

From identifying bottlenecks to uncovering growth opportunities and understanding the drivers of your visitor’s behavior, this study provides the most impactful optimization directions and test ideas for the best results.

Most of the behavior people display on your website happens subconsciously. Finding the actual reasons for their behavior is crucial to uncover why people drop off and where you should improve. Combining a wide variety of research sources ensures you get a complete picture of what is happening and why visitors behave the way they do.

Keynote speaker

CH2021 keynote

I speak at conferences, podcasts, and universities about Experimentation Culture, Change Management, CRO process, and personal optimization.

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