Charity project

Do you need some CRO experience on your resume?
Or are you a charity organization looking for help?

Then we can help each other and the world.

What is the charity project?

The experience

A talented CRO specialist will help a charity organization to improve the conversion rate of the website over a course of at least three months (hours per week can be discussed).

The benefits

The talent will get free help/coaching from me (four times 1 hour) and experience in CRO.
The charity organization will get an improved website.

The greater goal

The insights from research and experiments will be documented. After several projects, I will write a whitepaper which can help many charity organizations at once.

How to participate

As a talent

Your level of experience in CRO does not matter (beginners get priority).

You must have completed the Complete CRO course. That way I know you have a certain level of thinking and you are serious about a career in CRO.

You must be dedicated to spend at least six hours per week for three months on this project (unless you find a CRO job in that time).

You have to find your own charity (unless a charity already signed-up).

As a charity

You must be a non-profit organization.

You must help humankind, animals or nature.

You must have a website and allow the talent to use experiments on it.

You must at least have 1,000 visitors per month on your website.

You allow insights from the project to be documented (for a greater goal).

The greater goal to help more charities

By documenting the insights from research and experiments, we start learning more and more how charity organizations can get more people involved and accomplish their goals. After several projects, and many insights, I will write a white paper about it, which is free for all charity organizations around the world.

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