I believe that if you find your passion in your work, you should also use it to help and inspire others. That is why I started Conversion Ideas.

My story

In 2009 I helped a company teach people to become happier and more confident with improved social skills. Ever since I have been fascinated with the questions: “If we can change people’s behavior offline, how can we do this online?”

Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one. I have read many books, followed many courses, and worked on many websites since. Now, as a Conversion Rate Optimization manager and consultant at Online Dialogue, I have the pleasure of working with amazing people on great websites every day.

With Conversion Ideas, I want to help people who want to learn this line of work, but don’t have the budgets for expensive business-to-business courses.

From my passion for CRO, I want to help others improve their optimization and experimentation skills while trying to make this world a better place. With understandable, affordable, and practical courses, a book (later in 2020), speaking at conferences, and free tips, I want to make CRO available for everyone.

Become a CRO expert

The goal of Conversion Ideas is to help people start and excel in Conversion Rate Optimization for a very affordable price.

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All courses are highly rated and come at an affordable price.

CRO coaching

Tailor-made, one-on-one coaching. Take the next step in your career.

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