Become a Conversion Optimization expert

  • Master every step of the CRO process with practical, engaging and high-quality courses.
  • Learn online psychology with the Complete Online Psychology book.
  • All for affordable, business to consumer, prices.

The website and business are still under construction.
Here’s what we already got for you:

The complete Conversion Optimization Udemy course

Master every step of the Conversion Optimization Process? Get more a/b test winners and become an expert? The first course is live on Udemy. Soon, new courses at affordable (b2c) prices will be available here, teaching you to become an optimization expert.

A book on psychology and conversion optimization

If you are interested in the psychology behind conversion optimization, soon you´ll find a book here explaining just that. It will cover research in psychology in a fun and engaging way, with practical examples you can implement straight away in your conversion optimization practices.

Charity help blog

With knowledge on influencing human behavior, one should also use it for the greater good. I will help charity organizations improve their website, build a behavioral report for other charity organizations and report on it in my blog. Are you a charity organization with at least 10,000 website users a month? Feel free to contact me.

Who am I and why Conversion Ideas?

My name is Ruben de Boer and as the Head of CRO & UX at one of the largest publishing companies in Nothern Europe (Sanoma), I have the pleasure to work with great people on great websites every day. With Conversion Ideas my goal is to help people who don’t have the money, or budgets from their employer, to access expensive business-to-business courses.

  • Through high quality, practical and engaging online courses, I want to help people enjoy, start with and excel in Conversion Optimization.
  • The book on Online Psychology and CRO is for people who love to read and are interested in the topic of psychology. (The book will be available later this year).
  • Later this year I will help charity organizations and write a blog about it. Because I belief if you have the knowledge and passion for something, you should also use it for the wellbeing of others.

Questions or like to connect? Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn